Clogged Drain? Here's Why.

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Clogged drains are among the most common types of plumbing issues, but they can still be somewhat tricky to diagnose if you aren’t a professional. Our team of trained, certified plumbers at RooterWorks deal with drain clogs on a daily basis, so we know what signs to look for when you call us for a backed-up drain.

4 Reasons Your Drain is Clogged

To get an idea of what you’re up against, make sure to read through these commonly asked questions and find out why your drain might be clogged.

1. Tree Roots In Drain


Do you have large trees on your property, especially close to your plumbing lines?

Tree roots can cause serious damage to your plumbing system, especially when those roots are permitted to grow around or under your home, where pipes are likely to run. Your drains take sewage water away from your house through sewer lines, which pass through your yard, where trees may grow. When the roots grow around the pipes, they can cause serious damage, cracking or breaking the plumbing system altogether. When this happens, it can cause serious drainage issues and more.

When you call our plumbers, we can diagnose the potential issue, assessing your plumbing and sewer lines until we find the cause of your clog. Once found, we can begin creating a plan to clean, repair, or replace the damaged area, effectively restoring your plumbing system to working order.

2.Hair and Soap Scum

Bathroom With Hanging Towel

Does hair or soap scum build up around your shower drain?

If you often have to clear hair or soap scum from around your drain, chances are there’s much more debris getting through the grate and into your plumbing system. Even with the help of store-bought drain cleaners, scum and hair can build up, causing major blockages. In fact, using too much of a store-bought drain cleaner could even cause more damage to your pipes, breaking them down with the harsh chemicals. The best thing to do is call a professional for a safe, effective drain cleaning. Or, if the drains are seriously damaged, we can help with any repair or replacements necessary.

3. Flushing Products Down Your Toilet

Flushing Toilet

Do you flush anything besides toilet paper down your toilet?

Our plumbing systems aren’t meant to handle anything more substantial than toilet paper, and if you regularly flush feminine products, wet wipes, or other products down the toilet, it could cause a serious blockage. You might notice your toilet struggling to flush, or flushing much more slowly than it has in the past. Or, the toilet may flood, or make loud gurgling noises when you attempt to flush it.

If you notice any serious problems with your toilet, make sure you act fast and call a professional. We can diagnose the problem and provide you with the repairs you need, whether that means simply unclogging your back-up or replacing damaged pipes.

What Not To Flush Down The Toilet:

  • Feminine Products

  • Dental Floss

  • Wet Wipes

  • Cotton Balls

  • Q-Tips

  • Dental Floss

  • Pet Litter

  • Hair

  • Food Leftovers

  • Grease

  • Diapers

  • Solid Objects

4. Debris Clog

Debris Clog

Have you noticed a rotten, foul smell coming from your kitchen drain?

If you eliminate anything besides soft, dissolvable foods down your garbage disposal, it could easily become clogged with food, soap scum, and other debris. When this happens, the build-up will likely cause a foul odor in and around your sink, similar to that of rotting food. If you begin to notice this smell, combined with other sink issues, including a failure to drain, slow drainage, or loud gurgling, you likely have a clog. In this situation, you need to call our plumbers for professional help. We can look through your sink or pipes to find the clog, whether serious or minor, and provide you with the cleaning or repair service you require.

Ready to get started? Contact RooterWorks to discuss your clogged drain with our Bloomington, MN plumbers. We are here to answer all your questions and provide you with top of the notch plumbing services.

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